Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Meadow Creek Presbyterian Church seeks to exalt Christ by reaching our community to build a community of faith and fellowship that worships the true and living God.

Our Vision

To build a community of faithful followers of Jesus Christ by equipping our church family with faith, sound doctrine, and opportunity, so that we can connect our neighbors with our Savior, through a ministry that visibly displays “faith working through love.”

Our Values

  • We are Christ-centered and seeking to make Jesus the focus of our hearts and actions.
  • We are focused on fulfilling the Great Commission through word and deed in our community.
  • We are continually equipping believers and seeking to grow in our knowledge of and devotion to Christ in order to live out the gospel.
  • We are committed to serving the needs of those inside the church as well as the community.
  • We are continually reforming so that our history and tradition meets the world we live in today